Foundational Yoga: Sun Salute A

A great way to start your day by focussing on your breath, gently awakening and warming the body. Keep each inhale and exhale long and deep, matching the movement so your pace is steady and not rushed.


Begin in tadasana (standing mountain pose)

Take a long exhale, then inhale, lift the arms above your head

Exhale, bend your knees and fold forward, lying your belly on thighs

Inhale and bring the spine to parallel with the ground, knees soft

Exhale to fold and place the hands on the ground

Inhale and step or jump back to a high plank

Exhale to low plank (knees can be on the ground)

Inhale to cobra or upward facing dog

Exhale to tuck the toes and press back to downward facing dog


Repeat 5-10 times

Wearing lululemon. Angie Menghini photos